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Ruffino Chianti Rosso 2007

Ruffino Chianti Rosso is an exquisite sweet Tuscan wine that offers fruity and spice notes in the nose. Its color is dark ruby red, and when in the mouth, the Ruffino Chianti Rosso has a medium body with balanced tannin level. This is the perfect choice for first time Chianti tasters. H...

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Rufiino Libaio Chardonnay Toscana 2008

Rufiino Libaio Chardonnay is a straw yellow color wine that carries floral and fruity notes. The delicate aromas of tulips and daisies evolve into scents of green apples, citrus fruits and bananas, while the refinement period on the lees contributes with an elegant touch of bread crust. The taste...

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